I have mental health problems,

Writing fiction improves my mood. Get in touch

Thanks for visiting the website.

This morning, 2nd August 2018, I’ve decided to stop all the flowery crap that suggests that I’m some sort of salesman trying to lure people in and get them to share my website., or buy stuff, I’ve really nothing to sell. Perception is, after all, in the mind of the reader.

I’m not selling anything as I’m not a salesman.

I guess the simple message about this website is about mental health and writing, nothing more, nothing less, we, as people with mental health issues, could possibly challenge the stigma after all, did only if you have the confidence and attitude.

The simple truth is, My name is Peter, I love writing, it improves my mood, or should I say, more accurately, I love people laughing at something I’ve written.

I found the hardest part about writing is just starting to write and that is why I escape my home, and go to my studio to write, as home has too many distractions.

I don’t know what else I’m supposed to put.

Have a look around, share the website, keep coming back as I’m sure the site will change.

Take care.