As you should be aware by now, 4Calm is an organisation for people with mental health issues written by me, Peter, who has depression and anxiety.

I, because of my depression and anxiety, have developed lots of ideas to help people with mental health issues, this collection of websites cover a range of ideas. Have a look round and see what you like the look of.
as of 6th March 2018 I am considering using Dream Therapy, as outlined in Robert Wiseman’s book Night School, read the blog and maybe learn a bit.
This is to be a piece of art called Journey Through my Mind. I am hoping to collaborate on an art project with the very talented Ally Sayers. It is to be an installation piece and is hoping to represent the journey a thought takes through my head.
My ultimate aim of Journey Though my Mind is to raise enough money to hire an unused office space in order to provide studio space for artists with mental health issues, this is my journey to achieve this aim.
This was the original exploration of the use of creativity for well-being. Called March hare Productions it’s my message to use writing as therapy for depression, I did and so I know it helps.
This was an add on to as I met more and more people with creative skills who also suffered from mental health issues. Paint the Town Grey was about at as therapy
A great number of people, I have met, with mental health issues report that they cannot achieve targets because they never set them, and so Neurolabe is a self-support group to help people with mental health issues set SMART targets and be encouraged to identify target.
Fro my own experience my perfectionism has lead to an incredible amount of depression throughout my life. Wabi-Sabi is the Japanese concept of identifying beauty in the imperfections, after all the world is not perfect.

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