Hi, this page is dedicated to all things related to the English Department of Works and Pensions and how they strive to take money back from the poorest to give to the richest, reverse Robin Hood. This has been set up by the Tory Government and is about making the most vulnerable fight for every penny they get in support.

First Daily Living Allowance (DLA) was changed to Personal Independence Payments (PIP) and then the government subcontracted assessments to two private companies. I’m not sure if it true but apparently assessors are getting bonuses for every claimant they reject. So these ‘assessors’ get paid to make rulings on the most vulnerable and they for refusing them financial support that they desperately need the assessor makes money. Stories circulate of assessors deliberately falsifying reports in order to reject applications. What lovely people.

Meanwhile those who fiddled DLA are skilled enough to play the system and therefore fiddle PIP, so far from catching the fake claimants what PIP does is make it harder for those at the lowest end of our social standing even more disadvantaged.